Tips For School "Summer Cleaning"

posted on June 21st, 2014

The summer months can actually be some of the busiest and most important months when it comes to cleaning your school. Below are some recommendations that you can do to make the summer as productive as possible. 

  • HAVE A PLAN:  Don't take the summer off when it comes to cleaning... have a written plan as to who will tackle which projects; and, when.

  • FLOOR CARE: Before doing any floor-care work, divide the facility into those floor areas that will be stripped/refinished, those that will only be scrubbed; and, those that need only detail cleaning.

  • TILE AND GROUT: The summer months are a perfect time to clean tile and grout floors using floor machines with brushes such as cylindrical brush or “mutitask” systems.

  • GO GREEN: For those facilities transferring to a green cleaning strategy, the summer months are the perfect time to start making this transfer. Special green cleaning training may be required during this transition, and summer break can provide that extra time.

  • EQUIPMENT ISSUES: Evaluate all cleaning equipment; determine which machines are running properly, which need servicing, and which should be replaced.

  • FURNITURE: Flag those items that need repair or should be replaced.

  • CLOSET MAINTENANCE: Go through your janitorial closet(s) and properly discard of any chemicals or other products that have not been used in six months or longer.  Typically, chemicals should never be stored for more than a year.

  • LIGHTBULBS: Replace all conventional lightbulbs with low-voltage bulbs that not only use less energy but also last as long as a decade.

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