Ensuring Your Banks Stands OUt Above The Others

posted on June 8th, 2014

First Impressions has highly trained professionals who stop at nothing to deliver unrivaled bank cleaning services to the people who matter most in your business – your customers.


The banking world is a competitive, fas-tpaced environment; and, customers often struggle to see any real benefits in one bank vs. another.  Wunderstand this environment and how the little things, like a professionally maintained banking facility, can be crucial for locking down new accounts.


Bank Customers Value Cleanliness

Research shows that in the first 30 seconds upon entering an establishment a new customer forms an immediate impression of your business.  Customers may base 70% of their perception on their first impression; which includes cleanliness inside as well as outside of your facility. Presenting your customers with a clean facility will help you establish a strong first impression to your customers – and increase the chances of repeat visits.


Since customers value cleanliness, they will seek out specific stores, malls and banks that are reliably clean.  Certain parts of the facility, such as restrooms, are especially important because customers relate the cleanliness of restrooms to the cleanliness of other parts of the facility.  It has been shown that individuals will go out of their way to go into a particular store to use the restroom if they know it will be clean.


Make sure that your business has a leading edge by investing in bank cleaning services today. Not only will you enhance the experience for your employees, but also your customers.


Priorities in Bank Cleaning

Banking buildings can range from a small town bank building that services a close knit community or it can be a multi-story building that deals with clients from all over the world daily.  The size of the bank only changes the size of your cleaning team and the amount of cleaning materials you need to bring with you to complete the job correctly. The priorities of any bank cleaning remain the same, regardless of the building’s size.


Bank cleaning is an extremely important task because banks are revered as extremely clean places of business. To get the best clean possible, hire a cleaning company who can customize a cleaning routine solely for your bank. 

  • Teller stations

    • The majority of a bank's customers use the teller counter exclusively. The most common reasons that customers enter a bank are to perform an action that takes place at the teller counter. Whether they are depositing, withdrawing, getting a cashier’s check, or some other action, a high percentage of bank patrons go straight from the entrance to the teller counter. The highest concentration of fingerprints, trash, germs, and excess debris will be in this area that is most frequented by customers. When cleaning we sanitize and disinfect all area along the teller counter.

  • Flooring

    • The floors of a bank are often a mix between hard-surface flooring and carpet. Hard-surface floors (like tile or marble) need to be cleaned at the end of each night to keep them looking scintillatingly clean and fresh every morning when the manager arrives to open the doors.  Depending on the type of surface, the floor will periodically need to be either scrubbed or stripped and waxed. Similarly, carpets should be vacuumed nightly and shampooed on a regular basis depending on the amount of customers who enter the bank.

  • Restrooms

    • Bank cleaning is generally held to an extremely high standard; and, restroom sanitation in banks is held to that same standard. Using hot water and the correct cleansers / disinfectants will have the restroom looking, smelling, and feeling like a brand new bathroom every day.


Bank cleaning is an extremely important task as banks are revered as extremely clean places of business. To get the best clean possible, hire a cleaning company who can customize a cleaning program for your bank. 

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