Medical Risks to Using In-House Cleaning





posted on May 8th, 2014

Is disinfecting your office really necessary?


  • Despite their innocent appearance, the things you use most are the leading sources for communicable diseases.

  • The surfaces with the most germs in the average office are: keyboards, mice, phone headsets and keys, and desktops.

  • The average computer keyboard contains 2.3 million germs, which is more germs than you would find on 449 toilet seats.

  • Public toilet seats average 49 germs per square inch, while desktops contain 21,000 germs per square inch – phones average 25,000 germs per square inch.

  • When faced with these staggering and slightly disgusting facts, the importance of using a properly trained cleaning staff – especially one who can give your office and public areas 100% disinfection coverage with EnviroShield – becomes obvious.

  • Proper training might not seem that important; but training and knowledge not only provides a more effective clean, but a safer one.

  • Are your cleaners using the same cloths to clean your telephone headset that they use to clean the toilet?  That’s just one example – think how often cross-contamination like this can occur without knowledge and experience.


“Employees Must Wash Hands” may not be good advice!


  • If a restaurant is using an in-house cleaning, washing your hands in their restroom could be counterproductive.

  • If an in-house staff is not properly trained and using commercial-grade-products – faucets may not be disinfected, soap and paper towels dispensers may not be disinfected, and door handles may not be disinfected.

  • So, in your attempt to clean your hands, you have just walked through a minefield of germs, which may have actually increased the number of germs on you!


Absenteeism is one of the largest costs for a business!


  • If you don’t take the health of your employees or customers seriously, you lose twice.

  • An unhealthy environment will increase medical costs – adding to this is the time you are paying for employees when they are out due to illness.

  • When customers catch on that you don’t properly maintain your facility, they are likely to take their business elsewhere.

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