Legal Risks to Using In-House Cleaning





posted on May 19th, 2014

A Competent business out-sources all non-core competencies


  • There are no legal and cost risks to out-sourcing commercial cleaning

  • Since cleaning is not a core competency of your company, you are only taking a risk


Training is vital to legally protecting yourself and your company

  • For injuries, poisoning, etc. your insurance carrier will require you to have, at a minimum, reasonable steps to have properly trained employees doing the work.

  • Who trained your in-house cleaner to properly mix poisonous chemicals?

  • If OSHA training is required at your facility, are they OSHA trained?

  • Without proper training, your are running the large risk that your claims adjuster won’t deny your claim altogether.

  • If you are denied, you can tell your business owner that you are 100% liable for a non-competent service that you paid more for each month than if you have used a professional service.


Out-Sourcing cleaning helps towards EEO compliance


  • We live in a litigious society.  When you out-source non-core competencies, such as cleaning, you out-source all cleaning related litigation that can arise.

  • In additional you avoid morale issues that in-house EEO complaints, and other similar issues can create.

  • Assuming you’ve ignore insurance risks, legal risks, and opportunities to enhance and diversify EEO compliance, all under the mistaken illusion that you are “saving” money, then look at the real cost comparison between in-house cleaning and out-sourcing your commercial cleaning to a professional service like Jan-Pro.

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